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Glasspro uses polishing compounds that are known to men that can effectively remove watermarks, and light scratches or wiper marks.

An angry customer mentioned in the BBB, "Glasspro was notified of damage to my 2 oak window sills by the 2 technicians the same day that work was done, August 23, 2018. Also made them aware of the other issues: older technician complaining several times about having to wear booties over his work boots as he walked over my 5 areas of off white carpeting. He insulted me when I tried to show him how my screen would have to be removed to prevent damage to my window sills and when I walked outside to their work station on my grass, to see how the install process worked. They left 1 of their new razor blades behind on my grass, in an area where kids walk to the pool and dogs also walk in that area. Also, the crank out window was not working the same way in the guest bedroom, as my other 3 crank outs, since they had removed and reinstalled the window. Lastly, the younger tech was so demanding of payment from me on my 1st floor, that he didn’t even give me a chance to inspect their work in my 2 bedrooms on my 2nd floor. I talked to the owner, Rob and explained everything again the next day. He came out that same day to inspect their work, get the razor blade from me, and promised me he would repair the window sills. I made a total of 6 calls to him over 5 weeks and he has never made the promised repairs and is no longer returning my calls. The last message I left him, I stated I was frustrated and upset that he had not made good on his promise, and I didn’t want anymore excuses or stalls, or he would give me no alternative, but to file a complaint with the BBB and to write a review of my horrible experience. Still no return call or visit."


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Former Employee - Scheduler says

"Hard work for minimal pay."

Former Employee - Inside Sales Representative says

"Evaluations are untimely & unfair. One way communication from the top down."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They make promises to their employees that they don't come thru with."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Very unprofessional and full of favoritism. Zero interest in customer satisfaction and only money hungry favoring the family member's who are employed there and yet do nothing.noneeverything and everyone"

Call Center Representative (Current Employee) says

"When you compensate employees fairly, you will get superb results. You can't be serious still paying $10 - $12 an hour and you want the whole world in return. You won't keep employees long no matter what you promise them, if you don't pay competitive market salaries. When interviewing candidates, try getting a real sense of who they are and what their real abilities can do for your company. Everybody doesn't belong in a call center. Those assessments are somewhat irrelevant to the actual job and don't measure anything. I still believe that you can always "beat" a test. You just say what they wanna hear. Blaming call center reps for mistakes made by technicians is seriously ridiculous and unfair. This is one of the worst parts of this job I had signs early on that I should not take this job. I needed a job desperately so I took it. The first opportunity I get at another job, I'm out the door.NoneNot enough money"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"It was very poor work environments the whole building was disgusting. The restrooms were never clean.long hours and is very dirty you always came home itching from all the fiberglass all of your body.Paid lunchWork space"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Repetitive day at work for 8 hours you are constantly doing the same task. Some of my co-workers/management were very helpful.Hour lunch breaksA lot of negative criticism from management"

Inventory Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I've never seen a company that would take so much from an employee but will not give anything in return. The owner is a good man with the best intentions. The problem is with lower management. They will want you to sacrifice you time to stay late with little notice and they repay you by reducing your hours for the res of the week.Great co-workersNo room for advancement, easy to be taken advantage of"